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Rangers Recall Tanner Glass From Hartford

Tanner Glass has been recalled.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers have officially recalled Tanner Glass from the AHL.

There's two aspects to this move:

1) Emergency Forward: The Rangers don't want to bring up -- and should not want to bring up -- a developing forward just to sit in the press box. Glass is not a developing player, he isn't going to be hurt by sitting around not practicing and he is exactly the guy you want in that situation (in a way) because you know he's not going to complain or drag down moral that he's not expected to play.

2) This will tell us a lot about Alain Vigneault: This is the kicker, though. Vigneault has showed, in the past, that he can't help himself when it comes to getting Glass into the lineup -- always at the expense of a more talented forward. So long as he's sitting in the press box you shouldn't care that the Rangers called him back up. And if he needs to fill in one a game-by-game emergency basis then so be it.

If he's not in the cards long term then this little stint doesn't mean much of anything. Vigneault has shown that's a big if, though.