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Rink Around the Rosies Podcast: Episode One

What in the hell are we doing?

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Rink Around the Rosies Episode One!

This is the first-ever episode of Rink Around the Rosies, a weekly podcast dedicated to New York Riveters hockey hosted by Connor and Mike Murphy. RAtR has been an idea we've been kicking around since the NWHL season began and once Connor joined on to write for Blueshirt Banter it became something that we became more serious about. Serious, perhaps, isn't the right word as you will discover just a few seconds into the first episode of Rink Around the Rosies.

If you're brave enough to give us a chance and a listen, we'd like to thank you. We had and have absolutely no idea what we're doing, but we figured that everything has to start somewhere and every journey needs a first step. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our first step. We hope you enjoy it.

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This week we talk about marine biology, how big the Riveters are on the ice compared to the NWHL's three other teams, zone entry issues, Nana Fujimoto, the team's penalty woes, and much more!


Have questions or topics you'd like us to answer and discuss in the next podcast? Ask us via email at or tag us on twitter with the tag #RAtR!

Thank you for listening and giving us a chance. We'll probably do better next week. It will be either better or worse or the same... but there will be less talk about marine life and tube-shaped foods.

Let's go Riveters. Let's go women's hockey.