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World Junior Championship 2016: Brandon Halverson, Sergei Zborovsky Get Invites

The Rangers have two more prospects who we might see once the WJC rolls around.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Rangers will have three total prospects invited to their respective World Junior Championship teams, with the addition of Sergei Zborovsky for Russia and Brandon Halverson for the good ol' USA.

This comes at the heels of Aleksi Saarela getting an invite for Finland while Robin Kovacs was snubbed by Sweden.

Halverson played in a game during last year's championship and is expected to be fighting for the starting role for the Stars and Stripes. Zborovsky -- who, for full disclosure, I thought was picked far too high on draft day -- has gotten a lot of positive press and currently has 11 points in 24 WHL games. Last year he had 19 points in 71 games so we've already seen some nice improvement out of him.

Hopefully Zborovsky and Saarela make their teams -- Halverson seems to be a lock -- so we have a few more players to root for this year!