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Video Breakdown: Derick Brassard Scores the Platonic Ideal of a Goal

Derick Brassard was the benefactor of what could be called the platonic ideal of the Alain Vigneault forecheck.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to video breakdown, where I use the magic of the internets to show you how the Rangers scored a goal or as a vehicle for you guys to yell at me

For today's subject, let's take a look at Derick Brassard's goal against the Bruins

That was a nifty bit of forechecking, let's go through it step by step


So after Chris Kreider beat Adam McQuaid of the Bruins to a loose puck, Dan Girardi chipped it back behind the net where Derick Brassard would gain control. Here you see four of the Bruins five defenders closing off any real option to the front of the net. This forces Brassard to send the puck out to the left point where Ryan McDonagh is waiting for it. This also forces the Boston D to begin moving around which is something they really don't want to do.


With Brassard sending the puck up to McDonagh this forces Boston into a 1-3-1 configuration, creating a screen to block any shot attempts while leaving Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider down front. Right where the Rangers want them.

Brassard 3

Now with Zuccarello controlling the puck down low and only one man on him, Kreider is able to control the puck with only Adam McQuaid available to intercept him.

Brassard 4

With Kreider playing the puck down low,  the Bruins have three defenders caught flat footed and puck watching. None notice Brassard streaking into the high slot with a comfortable passing lane opening up for him.

Brassard 5

Brassard sneaks into the high slot and with 4 Bruins defensemen caught puck watching and stationary Derick finds himself with a nice shooting cushion between the circles for the quick release. It also helps when Adam McQuaid does his best Dan Girardi impression by screening Tuukka Rask on the shot.

Well, that's all for today's edition. Thoughts, guys?