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Banter Cartoons: February 2015

I went for the brass ring this month.

Pay that man his money
Pay that man his money
Mike Murphy

Hello there friends, it's roughly that time of the month where I share my silly doodles with you all. It's going to be hard to make you laugh as loud as we all hysterically scream-laughed when Kevin Klein slapped one past Jaroslav Halak to give the Rangers a 6-5 win over the Islanders the other night, but damnit, I'm going to try. It's been a pretty crazy month for the Rangers. The All-Star game and the ASG break happened, Henrik Lundqvist went down with a complete freak injury, and the Rangers have been scoring goals like they were playing NHL Hitz. Somehow, the Rangers seem to just find a way to keep winning. The wins lately have been far from pretty but they have all given us a new mantra; "Two points is two points." I'm doing some fact-checking on this statement, I'll have a presentation about it in a couple of weeks.

So, now to the comics! Iwent for the brass ring this time around and tried to do something a bit out of the ordinary with a gigantic comic strip, hopefully it will have been worth the effort. If it runs out that it wasn't worth the effort, you guys are getting stick figures and a picture of me flipping you all of next month. Oh! In case you want to remember previous disappointments and/or laughs, here are the links to all of the previous installments of Banter Cartoons.

So, Iguess that makes this our sixth installment, huh? Which means I've been doing this exclusively for the Banter for half a year. That's kinda nifty. It's been a fun six months of sharing these with you guys. Thank you for all of the positive feedback. I really get a kick out of having fun with these and giving us a little bit of a change of pace every month. Anyways, here are your cartoons for the month ladies and gentlemen, hope you enjoy them!

"A new age."

A New Age Fixed


"Almost pasta."

Almost pasta


I couldn't resist sharing an old comic from Blueshirts Monthly that seemed exceptionally relevant to something none of us can stop thinking or talking about. The premise of this cartoon was- "What I want the Rangers to do with Mats Zuccarello this offseason." I suppose we have to go ahead and change that to what we are hoping they do with Zuke before deadline day. So, what else is there to say about this one? The money bag is to scale and actually isn't all that big? Go for a cheap short person joke? Yeah. Let's go with that. Take that short people, ya clowns.

"Pay him, pay that man his money."

Pay him pay that man his money


I hope you guys and gals had a laugh or two! Stay warm, stay safe, and make sure to leave a sacrifice of fresh goat meat outside of your door every night for the Yeti wizards to take. They are the only ones who can save us from this winter and it is clear that we have offended them with our reckless ambition to conquer the wilderness. Oh, and seriously, don't cheat them by putting the offal below a thin layer of good goat meat. They're crafty bastards and will kick down your door and enter your nightmares and you'll wake up screaming icicles until you die. Yep. Have a great day, buddies. Never eat Almost Pasta.

Let's go Rangers.