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Henrik Lundqvist Injury: Rangers announce Lundqvist to miss at least three weeks

The New York Rangers released an official statement on the status of Henrik Lundqvist, and announced that he will be missing at least three weeks of action.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

After reports surfaced this morning about Henrik Lundqvist potentially missing over a month of action, the New York Rangers released an official statement just a few moments ago. Earlier today, the Rangers stated that they didn't have any additional information to share, and they would announce an update when they received an accurate time frame on Lundqvist's ailment.

As was expected, the press release from the Rangers didn't reveal a whole lot aside from the fact that Lundqvist would miss at least three weeks, and that it was classified as a "vascular" injury. Based on some quick research, a vascular injury usually pertains to "a blunt injury to the chest, neck or head, which can result in damage to the blood vessels supplying the brain." According to that information, it's no surprise that Lundqvist will need an extended amount of time to recover before he even thinks of stepping back on an ice surface.

Cam Talbot will now transition into a starting role for the next three weeks, while the Rangers come up with a plan of attack to stabilize the backup role. Will they elect to stick with 20-year-old rookie Mackenzie Skapski, or will they look for some outside help via trade/free agency? None of that is clear at the moment, so it remains to be seen what the Rangers will do to provide themselves with a reliable backup option.

We will continue to provide any further updates as they are released. The official press release from the Rangers will be posted down below. Thoughts on this?


NEW YORK, February 6, 2015 - Henrik Lundqvist suffered a vascular injury on Saturday. We have been conferring with leading medical experts to ensure the best possible care. Henrik will remain sidelined at least three weeks, until he is revaluated and we have completed the process of conferring with the medical experts.