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NHL Trade Deadline: Deadline Day Open Discussion Thread

Is Sather all out of fireworks or is he going to be making a few more calls today? At this point I am absolutely terrified.

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images's Trade Tracker | Buy Rangers Tickets!

Well, yesterday certainly was an interesting day for the Blueshirts, wasn't it? Keith Yandle became a Ranger in a blockbuster deal that has at least half of those that Bleed Blue thinking that trading Duclair was absolutely inexcusable and very well could haunt this franchise for a very long time, Lee Stempniak was shipped to the Winnipeg Jets for an AHLer, and the Rangers landed James Sheppard in exchange for a 4th round pick to play in the bottom six and take Stempniak's TOI. All of these signs speak loud and clear about one inescapable fact; the Rangers are a team that wants to win now and are willing to pay the price to do so.

Also, the Rangers have reportedly signed Mats Zuccarello who was on the trading block just 24 hours ago. Zuke will apparently remain a Ranger for another four years at the AAV that Glen Sather and the Rangers' management was after all along, although it appears that Zuke will get some protection in regards to a no trade clause or a no-movement clause. That sounds just fine and dandy to me.

Could Glen Sather and the Rangers possibly be involved in more deals or signings today? Well, there is only one way to find out, I suppose. Use this as your open thread for all of today's deals including the moves that the Rangers may or may not make. We will, of course, have separate threads go up for any big news items on the day including the official word on Zuke's contract and any other major happenings that go down involving the Rangers.

Nothing left to do now but watch Uncle Bob McKenzie tell us things that make us laugh, weep, whimper, and laugh at whoever gets Tyler Bozak (sweet, tap-dancing hedgehogs don't let it be us). Here we go guys and gals, it's Deadline Day.

Let's go Rangers.