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Rangers Vs. Kings: Wait, Did Someone Hit The Hard Button Now?

Notes from the Rangers loss to the Kings.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

- I really do think there are a group of fans out there that legitimately believe that because the Rangers have been so good in the regular season it's going to be easy to finish off the Stanley Cup. I really hope last night was a wake up call for those fans. There is nothing easy about winning the Stanley Cup. And if you really need proof that the Rangers have a long way to go, take a look at last night's game. The Kings are exactly the type of team you find in the playoffs, and they had their way with the Rangers Tuesday night.

- Which is exactly why the fourth line has be upgraded as soon as it can (when Martin St. Louis comes back). Tanner Glass has the puck alone in the slot, pauses for whatever reason, turns the puck over and it becomes a goal against. The Kings never looked back, and they roasted that line no matter who Alain Vigneault put it out against.

- That's not to take away from the other three lines, all of which did something between nothing and detrimentally worse than nothing. Dan Boyle turned the puck over on the Kings second goal and Carl Hagelin lost his man in the crease, Mats Zuccarello completely loses Jake Muzzin on his goal. There were mistakes everywhere from everyone, which is a serious problem.

- The good news? This game has been a rarity all year. The bad news? The game are a lot more like this in the playoffs, so, yeah.

- I don't think Cam Talbot had much of a chance on any goal after the first one. And he did make some enormous stops right before the Rangers imploded on the Kings second goal. Just not a ton of support from him in either department.

- Not much more to say about this game to be honest. It was bad, Like, really, really bad. And I'm sick, so I don't want to make myself feel worse talking about it.