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Video Breakdown: Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass Snipes One Home

Tanner Glass had the wicked snipe job beauty last night...bro?

Look at this handsome Noted Goal Scorer™
Look at this handsome Noted Goal Scorer™
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Welcome back to Video Breakdown where I blah blah blah with the yadda yadda yadda, let's skip the pleasantries and get right down to it.

Note Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass scored a wonderfully sniped goal on Professional Meat Type Foodstuff Stealer™ Andrew Hammond last night.

So how did Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass get that open? Well that's because he went to Dartmouth College and is a pretty smart cookie.


Everyone thought that Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass made a mistake taking a slashing penalty while already short handed, but this was part of his ingenious plan to catch the Ottawa Senators off guard. As Based Hockey God Kevin Hayes™ carried the puck into the Ottawa end, Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass cleverly hides under MSG's ticker at the bottom of the screen which makes it harder for the Senators defense to find him.

Glass Goal 2

Look at the sublime positioning of the stick on the ice ready to receive the pass and NGS™ in prime shooting position. Poor Meat Type Foodstuff Stealer™ has no chance.

Glass Goal 3

Look in awe as the puck crosses the goal line, perfectly evading the hapless Ottawa netminder due to wonderfully placed shot by Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass.

Glass Goal 4

As if we needed more evidence, we can see the goal light go on as the puck rests behind the ever present goal line as Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass shows his humility as he no sells the goal. Friends, this is a man who knows what it's like to score goals and has no need of celebrating them as if they were some grand accomplishment.

Let's all watch Noted Goal Scorer™ Tanner Glass snipe this beauty home and bask in it's wonderful glory.

(On a more serious note, nobody has ridden Tanner Glass more than I have for his lackluster play this year but I'm glad to see him score a goal. By all accounts he's a good dude in the locker room and off the ice and seems like a pretty decent human being who deserves this spot in the limelight. So congratulations Tanner, we all enjoyed this.)