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Rangers Vs. Senators: Playoff Bound (Officially)

Notes from the Rangers win over the Senators.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

- We might as well talk about it at the top. The most important thing to happen last night. Thanks to an Anaheim comeback victory in overtime over Boston, the Rangers clinched a playoff berth last night. I know it was a given for a long, long time, but I always feel better about things when that little "X" sits next to their name.

- The other important thing? Henrik Lundqvist was riding the pine, with his beautiful hair finally making its way back into a Rangers game during an MSG broadcast. Hank is going to get one of the two games this weekend, and I'm looking forward to him giving up a soft goal and people demanding Cam Talbot come back. You know, the same people who wanted Talbot traded before he started his run. Crab people.

- The next biggest thing to happen was the Rangers top six finally waking from their slumber. Chris Kreider scored two goals and added an assist. His second goal gave him 20 goals on the year for the first time in his very, very young career. As much as we (rightfully) talk about how much youth this Rangers team has to look forward to, don't overlook Kreider who isn't even 24 yet. The kid is a stud. Derek Stepan had two assists and Mats Zuccarello had a goal and an assist. Rick Nash had an assist that might as well have been a goal with how good it was. Good all around, actually.

- Dan Boyle scored a huge goal and added an assist. I love how people think Boyle's only been solid recently. Offensively he's come alive, yes, which is a big part of why the Rangers brought him in. But on the back end he's been very steady for most of the year. Nine goals in 56 games is nothing to throw out the window, either.

- Keith Yandle had another assist, and outside of getting roasted on the Senators lone goal he had a pretty good game. Ryan McDonagh looked great and Dan Girardi played a solid game and took another puck to a ligament and went down only to be OK. I swear I think the reason they usher him to the locker room so fast is because he's actually a robot and they don't want anyone to see the silver machinery he has for bones.

- Kevin Hayes had another two assists, now has 38 points on the year. I think the 20-20 club is a little out of reach (he needs six more goals before the end of the year) but reaching the 40-point club can easily happen. Either way, he's blossomed into something magical.

- Talbot had a really good game when the Rangers needed him, which wasn't often at all.

- They might not be the Kings, but Ottawa is one of the hottest teams in the NHL right now, and the Rangers had their way with them. Seriously, just tossed them around the ice and did whatever they wanted to do. That's the way the Rangers need to play from here on out. The playoffs might be clinched, but first place isn't yet.

- Did I miss something? Ah, yes, the Tanner Glass goal. I've actually wanted to go on a rant about this for a long time, so here we go. After the rumors came out that some idiot fans turned their backs on Glass during an autograph signing people flooded my e-mail telling me how terrible of a person I am. I understand we're hard on Glass the player and one of the loudest voices against him playing. But that has nothing to do with Glass the person. Glass the person, by all accounts, seems like an amazing teammate and a genuinely good guy. I never root against him and I'm thrilled he scored last night. I hope he scores every game until he stops playing for the Rangers. But I thought he had a terrible game before the goal and after the goal. The fourth line is really bad. But good for him and good for him to wear the Broadway Hat. As happy as I am for Glass the person, I still don't want Glass the player playing. There is a difference.