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Rangers Vs. Jets: Gutting It Out

Notes from the Rangers win over the Jets.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

- Quick note at the top: In March this space averaged (repeat: averaged) 1,218 comments PER DAY. That's an astounding figure, and it's just more proof that you guys are the best of the best. So thanks for making this place so much fun. It's awesome!

- I do not think that was a particularly good game for the Rangers, to be honest. I think it was a gut-check effort for a must needed win, but I don't think it was a great effort. The Jets aren't a bottom dweller (they currently hold the final wild card spot in the West) but the Rangers were on their heels for a good portion of this game. It's not a major step up from the way they played against the Kings or Capitals but they did win, so there's that.

- I will say the Rangers got what they needed from all their top players at some point during the game. Rick Nash had an assist on the Mats Zuccarello goal and then provided the essential screen on the Derick Brassard power play tally. Derek Stepan and J.T. Miller combined to both grab apples on Chris Kreider's bananas goal (I have a fruit thing going on there, just enjoy it).

- And Henrik Lundqvist stepped up big in the final couple of periods. There was nothing he could do to stop that Lee Stempniak shot, and he made some really big saves in the final frame -- especially when the Rangers were hemmed into their own zone. He's just got to get some reps, but it doesn't look like there's a ton of rust on the King.

- And give Miller so much credit for becoming the type of player who has the stones to throw that perfect pass to Kreider for the goal. These injuries have forced Alain Vigneault to give him a little more of a leash and he's started to really blossom as a player. He's still forced to walk on eggshells for reasons unknown, but he is going to be something special. And Kreider celebrating in the net and then jumping on Miller (picture above) was awesome. I love the chemistry this team has.

- Keith Yandle gets an assist on the power play and then all of a sudden he's not a problem anymore? This is why we (not here, you guys are much better than that) can't have nice things. Yandle has been pretty spectacular since he got here, and he's never been a shoot from the point type of guy. He moves the puck really well and makes space for everyone else. He did that again last night. He's been doing that all year.

- That shot is why Brassard needs to shoot more, by the way. I have no means to prove this, but I really do think he has the most accurate slap shot in the league. Just a rifle that he can place wherever he wants. He has 17 goals now and cracked the 40-assist plateau for 57 points through 74 games. Talk about rewarding Glen Sather for that contract.

- So Dustin Bufuglien cross checks Miller in the back of the net in a predatory, disgusting hit and it's not even a penalty. Then he attacks Zuccarello at the end of the game and continues to throw shots after the whistle (give Kreider a ton of credit for not taking a retaliatory penalty there as he jumped in) and it's just two minutes. I doubt the NHL takes a long, hard look at that hit like they should, but it was one of those plays that can end a career. Just no place in the game for that.

- Isn't Tanner Glass supposed to stop that from happening? I mean, the media does a really good job of defending why they don't see an issue with him being in the lineup by saying the Rangers need toughness. Where was the toughness last night? Actually, where has it been at all? I mean, Glass isn't playing because he makes the fourth line better, so where are those intangibles?

- Anyway, the Rangers won so yay Hank.