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Rangers vs. Penguins: Dan Girardi 'Fine' After Taking Puck to the Jaw in Game 1

Dan Girardi was on the ice this morning after taking a puck to the side of the face last night in Game 1, and said he is 'fine'.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Rangers dodged a massive bullet this morning as Dan Girardi took to the ice for today's scheduled practice at the MSG Training Center. Girardi left late in the game last night against the Pittsburgh Penguins after he took an errant puck to the side of his jaw, and left the ice in visible discomfort. There was about nine minutes left in regulation at that point, and Girardi never returned to the bench following the incident.

Obviously there was some major concern about Girardi's health moving forward in this series, and most people immediately thought it was a broke jaw. However, as we've come to realize numerous times this season, Dan Girardi is not a human being, and shrugs off any sort of pain. Sure enough, Girardi confirmed that he was perfectly fine this afternoon, and the only issue he was dealing with was some expected swelling.

I mean, seriously, did anyone actually think Girardi was injured after last night? Robots don't feel pain.

Thoughts on all of this?