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2015 NHL Playoffs: 4/19 Open Thread

Four more hockey games to help finish off the weekend.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Today we have four games to help us try and forget about last night's gutting loss to the Penguins.

12:00 PM Capitals at Islanders (1-1)
3:00 PM Predators at Blackhawks (1-1)
7:00 PM Canadiens at Senators (2-0)
10:00 PM Canucks at Flames (1-1)

If you can only catch one of these games today, I'd recommend tuning in to watch the Habs take on the Sens at 7:00 PM. Only the Canadiens and Ducks have 2-0 leads after the first two games of their playoff series, which might make us all feel a bit better about the Rangers being 1-1 heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow night. The Habs and Sens certainly are not going to be sending each other Holiday cards after this series. There has been plenty of nasty stuff, after the whistle shenanigans, and bad blood. The Senators know that they have to find a way to win today on their home ice, or they will risk watching their season come to a rather abrupt end after such an emotional run to get into the 2015 Playoffs. Will home ice make all the difference and help turn the tide for Erik Karlsson and the Senators?

The other big story lines for today are that the Predators will have to find a way to stay afloat without their captain, Shea Weber, who will miss the next two games after being injured in Game Two, and what kind of game will we see between the Canucks and the Flames at 10:00 PM Eastern after the line brawl and Hartley's $50,000 fine? Playoff hockey certainly is a different breed of animal from the hockey we were watching just a week or so ago, huh? I've really enjoyed watching the Predators play thus far. They take the body, move the puck well, and have an outstanding power play. Going to be interesting to see who is in Chicago's crease and just how much leash they are given by Quenneville.

So, what are your picks for today's games, do you call tonight's game a "must win" for the Sens? Let me know what you think in the comments. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Let's go hockey. Let's go Rangers!