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Blueshirt Banter Needs Help!

Want to be a part of a winning team?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

After Evan "The Betrayer" Sporer left I took a good, hard look at the site, what we were missing and what we could add. Now that we've had a few internal discussions, we all agreed Blueshirt Banter was missing a "moments" writer, so we're turning our eyes out to you for some help. With the playoffs approaching we think it's a really important aspect we've been missing for a while.

Basic info is below:

What is a moments writer? Basically we're looking for someone who can cover big moments during a game. For example: Chris Kreider's awesome goal against the Jets the other night? I want someone who can toss a quick gif up on the site so if people are travelling or following the game from their phone they can see it. The Dustin Byfuglien assault on J.T. Miller? Same type of deal, quick gifs that go up while the game is still happening.

Responsibilities: Someone who is available during most games who can put gifs up on the website quickly after something important happens. You have to know how to create the gifs yourself, which means you'll need some software to do it. This person would also be a part of the writing staff in the event we needed coverage or stories put up.

If You're Interested: Reach out to me at with examples of your writing and gif making skillz.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how many people are going to apply for this, so if I can't get back to everyone I apologize. Also, this isn't a paid position, so know that before you jump in and expect to make mad money. I appreciate everyone who is interested and again, I'm sorry if I can't get back to everyone.

DON'T APPLY IN THE COMMENTS: I'm leaving the comments open as an open thread for you guys to hang around in this morning, but don't apply there. Send me the e-mail. If I see it in the comments I will yell at you through my computer. You'll never hear my screams, but you'll know you betrayed the soft, loving fabric of our relationship.