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2015 NHL Playoffs: 4/25 Open Thread

The Islanders, Predators, and Canucks are desperate to stay in the hunt for the Cup today and the Bolts are looking to win a big Game 5 on their home ice.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we have another day filled to the brim with playoff hockey that none of us have to be emotionally invested in, which is a nice change of pace from the whole- "if the Rangers win, everything will be okay. I will love my fellow man!" and if they lose, "Don't tell me that you love me. Love is dead. Love is a lie. I'm going to kick you apart with my fists. MY FISTS!" You know how it goes.

Three of the games on today are potential elimination games, one of which involves the plucky Islanders who suddenly find themselves on the brink of adding to their epic streak of not getting past the first round of the playoffs with a loss tonight on home ice.

  • GAME 6: The Capitals at the Islanders. 3:00 PM. The Caps lead the series 3-2, can put the Islanders away this afternoon.
  • GAME 5: The Red Wings at the Lightning. 6:00 PM. Detroit and Tampa are tied up at 2-2.
  • GAME 6: The Predators at the Blackhawks. 8:00 PM. The Hawks lead the series 3-2, they are looking to end this series tonight in Chicago.
  • Game 6: The Canucks at the Flames. 9:00 PM. The Flames lead the series 3-2. Can the Sedin twins and Eddie Lack live to fight another day, or is this one going to end with Calgary Flames fans going absolutely nuts watching their team get past the Canucks and into the second round on home ice?

What are you predictions and picks for tonight's games? What is your game to watch tonight? Which of the three teams that are on the brink of elimination is the most likely to push their series to Game 7?

Mike's Game to Watch:

The Islanders and Caps. I... I don't truly hate the Islanders, but a dark, shameful part of me would enjoy seeing them lose their last game at the Nassu Coliseum. I'm not proud of that part of me, but I acknowledge it exists. I try to feed whatever wolf is combating that wolf by being a good person, but on days like today the Schadenfreude wolf gives me a toothy grin and growls out, "C'mooooooooooooon."He can be a real charmer.

Enjoy today's games and please be decent and courteous to one another.

Let's go hockey, let's go Rangers!