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New York Rangers Game Thread: 5/29, Rangers vs Lightning; Game 7

This is it, win or go home. It all comes down to Game 7.

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Eastern Conference Final

Game Seven

The New York Rangers vs The Tampa Bay Lightning

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This is it. The entire season comes down to one final game against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final. Win it, and you move on for a chance to play for the Stanley Cup, but lose it, and your entire season comes crumbling down to a grinding halt. There's a pretty fine line in the playoffs between either advancing or heading home for the summer. One mistake is all it takes, and even more so in a Game 7.

As Joe mentioned this morning, even if we as fans aren't ready or prepared for tonight, you can bet that the team behind Henrik Lundqvist will be ready to go. They have been in this situation numerous times in the past, and tonight is just business as usual for this battle-tested team headed by Alain Vigneault. The certainly know what lies ahead, and it will be a matter of taking it or crumbling under the pressure.

One thing is for sure, this team doesn't crumble under pressure, and in fact, they actually thrive off of staring death in the face. They have done it in the past, and they will have a chance to do it again tonight to have another crack at the Stanley Cup. It certainly won't be easy, but this team is capable of pulling off one final victory against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Bryan's Player to Watch: Henrik Lundqvist

As I mentioned in the Game 6 thread, if there is any goalie you want to go to war with, it's most certainly Henrik Lundqvist. Like the rest of the team, Lundqvist thrives off of a challenge, and tonight is no different. Win or go home. There is no better challenge for Henrik Lundqvist, and you can bet all of your chips that he will be ready to rock tonight.

Go get it done. 5 more wins.