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2015 NHL Playoffs: 5/5 Open Thread

Two pivotal Game Threes from the other side of the war for the Cup.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we have two Western Conference Game Threes to help take our minds off of yesterday's frustrating Game 3 loss to the Capitals. Tonight we'll watch both the Minnesota Wild and the Calgary Flames try to fight off being down 3-0 on their home ice in front of their fans.

  • Game 3: Chicago Blackhawks at the Minnesota Wild, 8:00 PM. Chicago leads the series 2-0.
  • Game 3: The Anaheim Ducks at the Calgary Flames, 9:30 PM. Anaheim leads the series 2-0.

Both the Wild and the Flames have had an amazing, unexpected, and entertaining path to the 2015 Playoffs. The fact that they are both still around in the second round is yet another example of why we all can't get enough of playoff hockey. The Blackhawks and the Ducks are legitimate powerhouses in the Western Conference, but neither team is perfect and without weakness. Anything can happen tonight in Minnesota and Calgary. The tide can turn and yet another magical moment could be waiting buried underneath all of the doubt and anxiety that is being experienced by Flames' and Wild fans leading into tonight's games. Both of the home teams tonight know that they cannot afford to go down 3-0, for both the Flames and the Wild tonight might as well be a Game 7.

Will the Flames and/or the Wild give themselves a real chance at turning things around and upsetting their heavily favored opponents tonight? Or will two of the best stories of the 2014-15 season come one page closer to their final chapters? I don't know what to expect other than a very loud Calgary crowd, a very determined Zach Parise, and some hockey that I can't afford to miss.

What are your predictions for tonight's games? Who are you cheering for? Enjoy the open game thread, as well as tonight's games. Let's go hockey. Let's go Rangers.Two pivotal Game Threes from the other side of the war for the Cup.