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The Season Is Over

Yep. The Rangers are done.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started just know that this is, in no way, a reverse jinx. Keep that in mind.

Hello one and hello all. Welcome to the wake that is the 2015 New York Rangers' playoff hopes. Have I mentioned this is 100% genuine and not at all a reverse jinx? Yes? OK good.

Since this place seems a little drab I think we, as the respected Blueshirt Banter Nation, should use this time to tell our favorite stories from this year and talk about what we're going to miss the most about this team. The comments section should be flooded with good memories and maybe even some tear-jerking stories.

So come one and come all. Come to the fire and share a picture, or a memory or maybe just come to listen. Maybe even come and bring your own stories, or dreams or hopes. We're all friends here. And what are we if we don't support each other in this time of need.

It feels empty now that the season is over, so let's fill that void with something good.