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Report: Cam Talbot Is First Choice Of Available Goalies For Buffalo And Edmonton

Cam Talbot is the prime choice for both Edmonton and Buffalo.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

More Cam Talbot news!

Mark Spector posted an article last night at around 8 p.m. that shed some light on the Talbot situation. This morning we heard that Glen Sather rejected a trade proposal from a mystery team (apparently not Edmonton) for two second round picks.

Note: The information was not specific beyond the rejected offer being two second round picks. They could have been from two different years or even conditional.

From Spector's story (emphasis is my own):

Here's where the Oilers stand on a goalie: suitors want the No. 16 pick in any deal, while Chiarelli would much rather part with their No. 33 overall choice. The problem is, between Edmonton's No. 16 and 33 lies two Buffalo picks — No. 21 and 31 — and the Sabres are also in the market for a goalie. Both teams covet Rangers backup Cam Talbot, then Ottawa's Robin Lehner.

"There are goalies out there," Chiarelli said. "We're in a group of ... maybe four teams that are looking for goalies. There are more goalies than that number of teams, so we're in a buyer's market. We've got multiple picks, so I seem to be a popular potential trading partner on that front.

There is one wrinkle there that we already knew -- Buffalo has two picks that are between the Oilers two picks -- but there is another wrinkle here we hoped but can now confirm: Talbot is at the top of the list for teams looking for a goaltender.

I've linked this story a lot so if this is the fifth time you've seen it I apologize, but I did go through all of Talbot's strengths in terms of a potential trade here.

The fact that both organizations value Talbot over Lehner means a bidding war could happen to drive his price up. I mean, if you have a guy you want who is available, who wants to settle for someone else? Especially in a position as important as the man between the pipes.

This doesn't mean the Rangers are going to force Edmonton to give up the 1st overall pick -- in fact, Spector talks about how much Edmonton wants to keep the 16th pick -- but if the Rangers can increase their haul in this situation then Sather is doing exactly what he should be.