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Report: Glen Sather Undecided About Future

Glen Sather is reportedly considering stepping down as GM of the New York Rangers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to a NY Post article, Glen Sather is undecided about his future with the New York Rangers organization. When asked by The Post if he would be returning next season, Sather responded "Sorry, I don't have anything to tell you."

It is believed that when Sather decides he no longer wants the role of GM, Assistant GM Jeff Gorton will step in to fill the opening. Earlier in the playoffs, a few teams reached out to the Rangers for permission to speak to Gorton for the position of GM, but were denied. Gorton has been with the Rangers since 2007.

Sather, a GM of the Year finalist, has been the Rangers' GM since 2000, and has led them to nine playoff appearances, all in the Salary Cap-era. Those appearances include three trips to the Conference Finals and one to the Stanley Cup Final.

To be noted, Sather currently holds the positions of both General Manager and President, so if he were to step down as General Manager he would still be part of the Front Office in some aspect.

Is the time right for Sather to step down as GM? Or does he still have a few years of negotiating left in him?