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NHL Rumors: New York Rangers Linked To Czech Defenseman Vojtěch Mozík

The New York Rangers have been linked to Czech defenseman Vojtěch Mozík.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to (a Czech newspaper) the New York Rangers are linked to defenseman Vojtěch Mozík of HC Plzen. Mozík is a 22-year-old defenseman who led the Czech League in goals as a defenseman last year with 10 in 50 games. He finished the year with 29 points.

The original story is linked here; a loose translation is provided by our own Alex Nunn:

Additionally, you are dealing with yet another dilemma. New York Rangers will offer a two-way contract. What about your future?

They are pleasant affairs. They have watched me for an extended period, I've been there twice at camp. We'll see how everything goes. A few days ago they ended in the playoffs, in a few days everything should be resolved. If staying in Plzen, or whether an interest in Rangers take on.

If the offer is valid, will you decide to go?

It's a tough decision. Plzen is a super team, I've got a great environment, I get a lot of space on the ice. But I think the NHL does not reject, yet even now I do not want to say either yes or no."

Again, this is a loose translation. Alex is working on a more perfected translation we'll update here. The Rangers have gone down this path before, signing defenseman Petr Zamorsky from the Czech League last year as well.

Mozík's statistics are below.

P.S: We have no stock photos of Mozík so here's one of McDonagh.