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Thank You All For Your Support

Thanks for everything, guys.

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These posts usually come earlier in the offseason, but this year it feels like we've moved a million miles a minute so it's been delayed.

First of all, happy Fourth of July to all of you. An extra special thanks to all the service men and women who help make this amazing country what it is today. Without you I wouldn't be able to even have a website like this in the first place. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the time with their friends and family.

This year has been a resounding success for this corner of the Internet. In terms of raw traffic, Blueshirt Banter has grown by over 67% in visits, 46% in unique visitors and 43% in pageviews. For the first time in site history we had more than a million unique visitors in a year, and we beat that mark handily.

We had the best month in site history in May before we bested it in June. July 1st was the second best day in site history (narrowly being beaten out by this past year's trade deadline). The June traffic was particularly heartwarming because we beat last year's June without the help of the Rangers being in the Stanley Cup Final to boost eyes coming to the site for open threads, post-game recaps, morning notes and the like.

This little space is growing, and it's happening faster than I could have ever imagined. I remember when we used to beg for 1,000 visits a day. I remember when we used to look for 20,000 visits a month. I remember when pulling in 200,000 visits a year was something to write home about.

You guys make that happen. You comment (Tony comments more than anyone else, but you all get gold stars), we won the commenting war two years in a row and we've become a top site in this network. And I don't mean just the staff here as we, I mean all of us and all of you.

So thank you guys for everything. It has been and will continue to be a blast.

Thanks for everything.


Edit: Also, thank you to Mike for fixing a typo in here. You're the best, Mike. -Mike.