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4th of July Open Thread


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Please treat this as your open thread for the 4th of July weekend!

I'll just go ahead and leave this here for you guys to think about between mid-day between alcoholic beverages, meats shaped into elongated and flattened cylinders, and the assembly of homemade fireworks (please don't do that).

Oh, Larry. Larry, Larry, Larry.


Want some things to talk about? Well, here you go my rambunctious little kittens:
  • Your favorite American-born non Ranger? (We all know Leetch and Richter are the Rangers ones)
  • Your American-born dream team, with the entire league's history as your player pool?
  • Your all-Ranger American-born dream team from the history of the Rangers?
  • Given all of the signings and trades since July 1st, rank the teams in the Metropolitan Division.
  • How much is Derek Stepan worth?

I wanted to wrap up this meaningless thread with something a great deal more meaningful. I know that we have several holidays reserved for the people who serve this country both in and out of uniform, but I wanted to make a point to express my appreciation for anyone and everyone who has and/or  currently does selflessly serve our nation and has given back to the sprawling community known as America. Teachers, our men and women in uniform, volunteer workers, policemen and women, and firefighters, the list goes on and on. There are more examples and professions worth listing, which is a shame because there are so many people who dedicate their careers to helping, protecting, and serving their fellow human beings in this country and they should all be recognized. I sincerely hope you all know who you are and what you mean to your neighbors and countrymen. Thank you for everything. Please have a safe, fun, and fulfilling 4th of July weekend that is either a symphony of grilled meats or filled with very crisp, lovely green things. Be with your family and friends.

Be good to each other and to yourselves. Let's go Rangers.