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Some Changes To Blueshirt Banter's New York Riveters Coverage

There will be a new landing page for New York Riveters coverage.

As we continue to expand this empire (more coming on that front in the coming few weeks/months, by the way) you've probably noticed we've dipped our toes into the NWHL -- specifically the New York Riveters.

Mike Murphy has done the heavy lifting in that area, covering the team's first ever media day along with interviewing Jenny Scrivens and Janine Weber too. There's more to come here, a lot more if possible, so we've re-evaluated the way we're providing that coverage.

As the New York Rangers season gets into the swing of things a lot of our NWHL coverage is going to get unfairly buried. This is a New York Rangers website that obviously prioritizes Rangers news and analysis as it happens. So little stories and updates will bury NWHL work that deserves its own spotlight. Since the NWHL only plays once a week, stories and coverage any of our staff do will probably be much more in depth and deserve the opportunity to be digested.

To solve this we've basically created a second Blueshirt Banter that's sole focus is for the NWHL and the New York Riveters at From today forward, all Riveters news and stories will be on while all Rangers news will be on Blueshirt Banter.

Keeping the two separate will help keep each aspect of the site uncluttered and will help keep stories easy on the eyes and coherent to each other.

As always, if you guys have any issues or comments please reach out in the comments or directly (