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Rangers Vs. Flyers Will Feature 3-on-3 Overtime Tonight No Matter What

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL instituted a new 3-on-3 overtime system this offseason, and they planned on rolling out test games this pre-season regardless of the game's score in three of the six matchups. Last night the Rangers won 6-3 and the game ended in regulation. Tonight the Rangers and the Flyers will play a 3-on-3 overtime regardless of the score.

I actually think this 3-on-3 is going to be a lot of fun. I've only seen it happen a few times (usually in overtime, too, since the teams are already down to 4-on-4) and it's been a blast. Imagine Chris Kreider's speed with all that open ice? Amazing.

Who do you think the Rangers should roll out in the 3-on-3 tonight? The lineup for tonight is here.

My pick? Kirill Kabanov, Kevin Hayes and Ryan Graves. The game doesn't count, go for the gold!