2016 Rangers Report Card: Dominic Moore

Dominic Moore’s report card is tricky, because he has a problem not usually encountered in academic situations. Imagine you’re a solid student who studies hard – grinding, I think they used to call it? You’re not going to win the MacArthur genius grant anytime soon, but you’re certainly no slouch. Then, for reasons no one understands, the school forces you to tutor a kid who, let’s face it, should have been left back a long time ago. And get this: not only do you have to tutor him, but also, his grades will be averaged with yours!

And that’s where things get implausible in both academic analogies and actual hockey. D Moore has always been a relentless, dependable fourth liner, a bottom-six grinder with flashes of top-six brilliance. Remember this? Back in Rangers’ fans last season of hope and joy?

But then Alain Vigneault decided to turn the 4th line into a sort of on-ice version of a time-out corner. He shackled Moore to Tanner Glass, and rotated whomever he liked least that day onto Moore’s other wing. Now, as the team’s resident Ivy Leaguers (thanks, Pierre), I bet Moore and Glass could kick ass at trivia. As a 4th line, however (especially one deployed in utterly baffling ways) they’re yet another symbol of the Rangers’ seemingly voluntary — as far as the front office is concerned — decline.

The Numbers:  Goals: 6 (-4) Assists 9 (-8) Points 15 (-12) CF% 42.69 (-4.51) in 80 games played  (+2)

As of now, Moore is no longer a Ranger; he’s a UFA on the wrong side of 35. For his sake, I hope he spends any remaining NHL years on a team less determined to punish him for his service. Stay tuned for a more formal goodbye ...

Final Grade (Acronyms should not be hard to figure out)