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Pregame and Game Thread: New York Riveters vs. Boston Pride

Elena Orlando is back, but the tired Riveters are still missing their captain Ashley Johnston, Madison Packer, and Taylor Holze.

In spite of a short bench, the New York Riveters somehow nearly pulled it out against the first-place Connecticut Whale in a 4-3 contest last night in New Haven. Brooke Ammerman picked the perfect time to return from her injury, nearly netting her first hat trick and making a difference all over the ice for the Rivs, who were rolling only four D after losing a pair to last week's blowout/brawl: Ashley Johnston with an injury, and Elena Orlando to a suspension. (And yes, after watching her fight, there's very little doubt in our mind that she would indeed be merciless at dodgeball.)

Here's hoping the Rivs got a good night sleep, because the Pride will be rested, ready, and, well, they're the Pride. Prepare for tape-to-tape passes and perfect zone entries, neither of which New York was doing last night, in spite of a significant lead in shots for most of the game. Word on the street is that Jenny Scrivens will be starting in net, and keep an eye on Lyudmila Belyakova, who after being denied on a few good chances in New Haven is due to work some magic with those hands. If the Rivs can keep their energy up and their penalties down, we should be in for a good game.

The Pride are dedicating this game not only to their injured teammate Denna Laing, but also to the cause of children's mental health, along with DIFD. Join us here in the open thread, and stay tuned for the postgame tonight!