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Rangers Vs. Hurricanes: Two Millers On The House

Notes from the Rangers win over the Hurricanes.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

- That's the first time the Rangers have won back to back games since the end of November. I knew they were slipping and sliding, but I didn't realizing it was that bad.

- Granted, both of these wins have come against two pretty bad teams. The Rangers crushed the Cancuks in terms of possession last week, and were pretty even with the Hurricanes Friday night despite leading most of the game. Those are great signs, but obligatory bad competition comment.

- We've talked a little about how good J.T. Miller has been, and Adam went through how he's started to grow as a player who can really generate offense. This is why I was so adamant about the Rangers not trading him last year before he blossomed in the playoffs. I really think Miller has the talent to be a 30-30 player if given the right opportunities -- which is a lot to ask for, but still.

- Kevin Hayes (assist, led Rangers in shot differential), Oscar Lindberg (assist), Jesper Fast (assist) and Derek Stepan (assist and a post) were the other forwards who really stood out. Lindberg, specifically, was a monster in the offensive zone with his vision more than his shot.

- I think the Rangers defense did a pretty good job top to bottom keeping the Hurricanes from getting any real chances, although blanketing a statement against that team is dangerous. The Hurricanes are a great possession team, which makes them dangerous when they're able to control the game. The second the Rangers took the lead? That's when Carolina had to open things up and where they come apart. So positives for the defense overall is good, but let's see what they have in them against a better opponent.

- Keith Yandle scored a pretty goal and continues to be one of the Rangers most dangerous players at any position. The Rangers need to find a way to keep him. Plain and simple.

- And if we're talking about pretty goals how can you not mention Ryan McDonagh's bar-down goal to open the scoring. What a shot. Not better than Miller's second, though.

- I'm not going to get into how Daniel Paille was able to be gifted over 15 minutes and some PK time in his first game in the NHL this year while other players haven't been able to crack the lineup. Call it the Alain VIgneault Veteran Trust or something. But he played OK. Wasn't a huge detriment and I'm giving him a pass on his lower possession numbers since he's on a new team and going up against much better competition than in the AHL. I don't really expect him to be much better than that, though.

- When needed Henrik Lundqvist was spectacular. All hail the king.

- If you were one of the people who thought "oh thank God it's just RIck Nash" when he got hurt and it looked really bad, I hate you.

- The Rangers needed those wins to help bulk their confidence up a little. Here's to them keeping that momentum going.

Stay safe in the storm, guys,