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Rink Around the Rosies Podcast: Episode Five

Mike and Connor go off the deep end.

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Episode 5 is here! Click here for streaming or FREE download!

Join Mike and Connor Murphy of Blueshirt Banter as they discuss NWHL news and New York Riveters' hockey. In this week's episode, the hosts discuss future milestones, the brawl, injuries aplenty, and fire safety. Intrigued about the scrum and suspensions stemming from last week's game? Give us a listen! Wondering about the Riveters' injury issues? Tune in now! Morbidly curious about who Mike and I would save in the event of a disaster at Blueshiurt Banter? Click and find out!


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Thank you so much for listening and continuing to support the NWHL and our coverage of it here for Blueshirt Banter. If you would like to ask us questions about the NWHL or disaster scenarios, send us a message on Twitter using #RAtR or email us at Follow us on Twitter at RinkRosies for updates and news on the podcast.