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Rangers Vs. Blues: Open Game Thread

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Use this as your open game thread.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers won their first game of the year with a decisive 5-3 win over the New York Islanders on opening night.

Here's some fun facts:

- Mika Zibanejad is on pace to record no goals but 164 assists.

- Scientists discovered after the game that when Nick Holden and Marc Staal are on the ice at the same time a rare chemical reaction called "oh Jesus" occurs and a rift in both time and space is created. This rift magnetically causes the puck to float onto the tape of opposing player. Vigneault, when asked for comment, tried to reply, but he had just iced the pair in practice and the rift was too loud to hear what he had to say.

- A colt is a male horse, usually younger than four.

- Chris Kreider said the following after Thursday's win: "the five-man unit is moving as a group, suffocating them inside that house, limiting chances, picking up pucks and going." That's not a joke, he actually said that. No one has any idea what the hell he was talking about.

- Mark Messier was crying before the ceremony even started Opening Night.

- Petr Prucha was surprised when the Rangers reached out and told him "we want you on the Garden ice opening night." He was even more surprised when they told him "these vintage jackets are uniforms now." He too cried when he learned they weren't offering him a contract but actually sending him out to be part of the memorial group. (For real, I love me some Prucha, but with the way Tom Renney ran him out of the organization I have no idea why he agreed to go.)

- Sometimes office buildings in big cities require bi-yearly fire drill tests.

Enjoy the game!