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Rink Around the Rosies: Season 2, Episode 1 - Return of the Rosies

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Mike and Connor return for a new season of the Rink Around the Rosies podcast. The brother duo discuss New York Riveters news, NWHL headlines, and a myriad of miscellany.

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Rink Around the Rosies returns!


Hello all! If you are reading this and have no idea what Rink Around the Rosies is, well gather around and get educated. Blueshirt Banter's own Mike and Connor Murphy are back for their second season covering the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) with a focus on the New York Riveters in their Rink Around the Rosies podcast. After a lengthy hiatus following the conclusion of the NWHL's inaugural season, the brothers return to discuss topics and offer their hot takes on all things New York Riveters with the second season underway.

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This week, our hosts recap New York's loss to Connecticut, worry about shaky goaltending, speculate on the impact of injuries, and answer listener questions in their mailbag segment. Many of these questions devolve into debates about the appeal of frozen yogurt, preferred skateboarding styles, and a poignant breakdown of the stigma on "chemicals." Yes, this is a hockey podcast... Mike and Connor are just easily-distracted imbeciles.

The podcast is a weekly upload available for free through streaming and download via Soundcloud. If you would like to ask a question to the hosts or present topics for the show, you can tweet @RinkRosies@DigDeepBSB, or @CAMurphy91 on Twitter. You can also contact the hosts and the show at if you prefer.

We hope you enjoy the show and continue to tune in for future episodes of Rink Around the Rosies!