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Dylan McIlrath, on being waived: ‘This was all about my play’

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McIlrath is taking the high road.

Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Dylan McIlrath being placed on waivers earlier today was discouraging, to say the least. But as much as it is for a fanbase, it’s probably even worse for the guy himself.

After playing 34 games in his first real NHL season last year, he’s only played one game this year. And now, he’s on waivers, and it’s possible that game was his last as a member of the New York Rangers.

But as bad of a feeling being on waivers has to be, McIlrath is taking it in stride.

It would be very easy to blame his situation on Alain Vigneault, and that’s probably true, to an extent. But McIlrath’s response to all of this is easily the best part of a bad situation.

He does seem like a pretty cool guy, too, so you hope for the best for him - whether it’s in Hartford, or on a different NHL team (as long as he doesn’t end up hurting the Rangers down the line, of course).