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Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8 P.M.

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One reminder in case you missed it. We’ve launched a shirt store for both the website and the podcast. Mike designed a fantastic Crab Person logo and we’re running with it. Check out our shirt designs (more coming soon) here.

Bantering The Blueshirts will be live tonight at 8 p.m. To listen live and join the always fun chat follow this link:

In other news, we’re finally accessible on Google Play. You can find us and subscribe to us here:

We’re also on iTunes:

And Stitcher:

We’re working on soundcloud, but you can always listen to us on the above three sites, on Blog Talk Radio directly (first link above) or at the bottom of every story on Blueshirt Banter.

As always, thanks for the continued support of the show, it means a lot. Please subscribe to us on any (or all) of the above outlets, and leave us nice ratings and comments. The ratings help promote us to other Rangers/sports fans who might want to listen in.

See you guys at 8!!