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Interview with Beth Hanrahan of the Riveters

There are few players in the NWHL who work as hard or play as intelligently as the former captain of the Providence Friars.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It didn't take long for Beth Hanrahan of the New York Riveters to become a fan favorite both on and off the ice. On the ice Hanrahan plays with a steely resolve. Her composed, intelligent approach to the game is evident in how frequently she earns power plays for her team while earning just two minor penalties of her own through the first 15 games of the season. Despite her tremendous discipline she battles like few other players in the league and has been a hawk around the net all season long- on the prowl for loose pucks to bang home into the opposition's net.

When Hanrahan has the puck in the offensive zone she has a knack for getting it on net with her low, quick right-handed shot. Bad puck luck and at least two disallowed goals makes her four points on the season deceiving, but her chemistry with Lyudmila Belyakova and outstanding defensive play has made her one of New York's most valuable and consistent forwards. The same legs that don't quit when she's attacking the net while so often being tripped, hooked, or held also get her to loose pucks where she rarely fails to come up with the puck or buy time for her teammates.

Photo Credit: Ryan Ohanesian

"Hanrahan is a natural leader on the ice with a knack for finding the back of the net." - Dani Rylan, GM of the Riveters

During her college hockey career with the Providence Friars in Hockey East, where she played with current teammate Janine Weber, Hanrahan scored 45 goals in 140 games and lead her team in scoring last season. In addition to her production on the ice for the Friars in her senior year, Hanrahan also served as a team captain while earning Hockey East's Sportsmanship Award. Her two-way game is perhaps best summarized by the woman who both founded the league and signed Hanrahan to the Riveters. "Hanrahan is a natural leader on the ice with a knack for finding the back of the net," commented Dani Rylan- GM of the Riveters and commissioner of the league.

Let's get to know the Maryland native who wears #28 for the Rivs.


Mike Murphy: How old were you when you first stepped onto the ice?

Beth Hanrahan

I started skating when I was three and started playing hockey when I was around four.

MM: What is your fondest hockey-related memory?

Beth Hanrahan

I don't know if I have an exact moment, but I think just the first time I was at the rink I saw a hockey game going on and I fell in love. My parents had no idea what they were getting into.

MM: When did you first hear about the NWHL?

Beth Hanrahan

Actually Janine and I were skating and she got an email saying that this league was happening. That was the first I heard, but then there were more people starting to murmur. Finally the camps were announced.

Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

MM: What was your reaction when you learned you would be reunited with Janine Weber while playing for the Riveters?

Beth Hanrahan

It was great knowing that I would be playing with someone I had played with and loved playing with. So it made it all the better to play with her again.

MM: How would you describe your game and your style of play?

Beth Hanrahan

I would like to think I am a player that can play in all situations.

MM: What has been the biggest surprise about playing in the NWHL?

Beth Hanrahan

How much it has reach all over the world. One game we had someone from England come watch.... mind blown.

MM: So, Beth, was this (video of your disallowed goal from 10/18/15) the right call?

Beth Hanrahan

It's hard to tell. Personally I think it was a goal. Maybe that's just because I am biased. But the refs are doing the best they can.

Photo Credit: Mike Murphy

MM: Do you have any pregame rituals or traditions to get loose and/or focused before game time?

Beth Hanrahan

Not really. Besides getting a coffee, playing soccer, listening to some music, and always put my left side gear on first. But other than that, no. H!

MM: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Beth Hanrahan

That's hard and to be honest I can't answer that.

MM: What is the most impressive hidden talent among the players on the New York Riveters? Is it Janine Weber's ability to juggle oranges?

Beth Hanrahan

Janine actually took singing lessons growing up. So she is secretly AMAZING at signing. And in Austria they learn common American pop songs. Ask her to sing anything pop.

MM: What house do you think the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter sort you into?

Beth Hanrahan

Gryffindor. DUH.....

MM: Which Riveter would make the best pirate captain? Why?

Beth Hanrahan

Probably Orlando. She could fight my battles for me.

MM: Which of your teammates would you choose to be your partner on Team Jeopardy?

Beth Hanrahan

Amber Moore. Teachers are good at those things.

"It is great seeing kids who look up to you. While playing it is easy to forget why you keep playing, but once you see them coming into the locker room or getting your autograph you remember why."

MM: What is Beth Hanrahan doing when she's not playing hockey with the New York Riveters?

Beth Hanrahan

Working at Yelp.

MM: The Riveters have an honorary captain join them for the National Anthem for every home game. What has it been like to meet those young fans and know that they are growing up in a world where they can have aspirations about playing professional women's hockey?

Beth Hanrahan

It is great seeing kids who look up to you. While playing it is easy to forget why you keep playing, but once you see them coming into the locker room or getting your autograph you remember why.

MM: Is there anything you'd like to say to New York Riveters fans?

Beth Hanrahan

Keep the faith alive.


I'd like to thank Beth for taking some time out of her busy life to answer some questions for Blueshirt Banter so Riveters fans might get to know her a little bit better. You can support Beth, the Riveters, and the NWHL by picking up her jersey when they go back on sale in the NWHL store. You can also meet Beth after home games at Aviator when she and all of her teammates have been known to stay late to meet each and every fan that wants something signed or just wants to say hello.

You can cheer on Hanrahan and the rest of the Riveters this Sunday in their final home game of the regular season at Aviator Sports and Events Center at 2:00 PM when they take to the ice and look for revenge against the Buffalo Beauts. After this Sunday's game the Riveters will wrap up their regular season with back to back road games in Buffalo and Connecticut before they set their sights on an underdog run at the Isobel Cup in less than a month!

Thanks for reading. Let's go Riveters.