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Tune In To Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

Make sure you listen to us live!

Did you forget that Tuesday was your new favorite night of the week? Well try to remember, because tonight is the third episode of Bantering The Blueshirts!

Tonight we'll be joined by the very famous Beth Machlan who will talk to us about her interview with Rick Nash this weekend; which will then turn into figuring out who sits when he comes back, whether or not the team is actually improving and some general trade deadline stuff.

Please remember to subscribe to us on Itunes and also rate/say nice things about us :)

If you missed the first few episodes or have any questions general information is below:

You can tune into the show live at this link here at 8 p.m. tonight. The podcast is slated to run until 8:45 tonight. In the event Mike and I go over the 45-minute mark of the scheduled time those of you listening live will not be able to hear anything on the broadcast. For anything after the 45-minute mark you'll have to download the archived show and skip ahead to where you left off. (We call this "The Tony")

For those of you who need to do that and for those who can't join live you can download the show on Itunes either later tonight or tomorrow morning (you can subscribe to us there now), download it on the link above directly from Blog Talk Radio or wait until I get the embed code which I will throw in the "must read" links below this story (where the Pilot episode currently sits).

We're not taking calls the first few shows but there is a live chat room you all can join to mess around in. I will be monitoring that in the event anyone has questions or comments. We do intend to take calls eventually but I want to make things run smooth first.

Make sure you're there at 8 (or downloading it after the fact)!