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Rink Around the Rosies Episode 9

We talk about the power play, the end of the regular season, dinosaurs, and goodie bags.

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Yes, that is Elijah Wood at a turntable as the image for this article. Also I can't be certain, but I believe that is the one ring he's wearing on his hand. I wanted to shake up the image we used for the podcast and I figured that you really can't go wrong with a picture of "E-Wood" as I like to call him. Doesn't he look sleepy? I think he looks sleepy.

This week Connor and I talk about the Riveters' final home game, their most recent loss to the Beauts, how they match up against Hilary Knight and the Boston Pride, goodie bags, dinosaurs, and parachute men.

We have a full mail bag from the listeners this week filled with some silly and serious questions that we tuck into and we talk about what players should be out on the ice for the Riveters' power play and why. We also talk about some other stuff, I guess you'll just have to download or listen on soundcloud to figure out what those things are.

The NWHL Playoffs are now just two weeks away. The Riveters will meet the Boston Pride in the first round of the Isobel Cup Playoffs and you can find all the coverage you need right here on Blueshirt Banter.

Thanks for listening! Spread the word and let's go Riveters!