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We're Taking Calls On Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight


Tonight Mike and I will still do Bantering The Blueshirts despite the Rangers taking on the Devils. You can listen to us at:, subscribe to us on Itunes and give us stars and nice comments there, too! Everyone wins!

We're going to be doing a fun segment on Rick Nash and Keith Yandle where we're going to take calls. The show, as always, is at 8 p.m. and will run for 45-minutes. In the event Mike and I go over that time frame you'll have to download us after the fact (or listen at the link below the must reads) to hear the rest. The Tony method of podcasting, ya know!

So even though the game is on come and check us out. Have us on in the background! Call in to talk about our thing and also talk about the game! It will be fun!

See you there at 8, everyone. Thanks for the support.