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Rangers Vs. Devils: Divisional Letdown

Notes from the Rangers loss to the Devils.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

- A big apology to everyone for the radio show being last night during the game. I couldn't push it to tonight and the Rangers play again Thursday. Friday would be too far and, yeah ... Anyway you can listen to it at or see the embedded copy below. Subscribe to us on Itunes and leave nice ratings and comments because you love us. You can also listen to us there.

- These little blips on the map should be the things that truly scare you about this team going "all in" and only believing that adding players is going to solve the problems at hand. The Rangers got out-played, out-shot and out-chanced by a non-playoff team. Yikes.

- The Rangers overload penalty kill is probably the most confusing thing in the world to me because it always leaves the other team with prime chances. On the game-tying goal either Dan Girardi was miles out of position, or Kevin Klein totally abandoned his side of the ice. The result? A very easy all-alone finish by Kyle Palmieri. That happens far too often, especially when it happens all the time and nothing changes.

- The Lee Stempniak game-winner is the fun result of a Girardi "I'll go down and screen the goalie" mixed with a Dan Boyle lack of suppression on the pass and Derek Stepan not covering up high.

- I'm inclined to give Boyle -- who had a dreadful game overall -- a free pass on the insurance goal. The Rangers are down by one, and Alain Vigneault's system does call for a pinch there. It's one of those high-risk plays you have to take in that situation, and it was compounded by Keith Yandle also driving towards the net assuming the puck was going to be kept in. But absolving him from that still doesn't absolve him from a really rough game overall. He wasn't the only one, if we're being honest, Girardi was atrocious too, and Yandle didn't have the best night, either. Not a good look for the defense.

- Outside of Brady Skjei, who I thought looked really good. He led the team with a +5 shot differential, played over four minutes on the penalty kill and saw over four minutes of shorthanded time. Remind me again why he can't fill in for one of the wonder twins right now?

- Dylan McIlrath saw just 12 minutes because his leash is so short Vigneault basically has him by the throat. I have a hard time understanding any logic behind his treatment of McIlrath.

- My understanding of the rule is J.T. Miller was thrown out because he had tape on his hands AND because he cut Sergey Kalinin. The latter is the most important thing, there, because Kalinin also had tape on his hands.

- Losing Miller hurt pretty badly, too. Not just because he's been the Rangers best forward but also because he's been a consistent source of offense this year when the team has needed it.

- That the Rangers didn't get a power play the entire game was something of a joke. I get that Miller's match penalty ate up a lot of minutes the Devils got but there's a pretty good case to be made that Stempniak interfered with Girardi before his game-winner and multiple trips and hooks went uncalled. Second game in a row I've had an issue with the officials -- and I'm not sure I've had many this year.

- I missed some of the game due to the show -- re-watched but it's really not the same -- so that's all you're getting from me. Additional thoughts, guys?