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Blueshirt Banter Is Starting A Podcast: Bantering The Blueshirts

The time has finally arrived!

The rumors are true! What? There were no rumors? Really? That's sad.

Anyway, there were rumors about it internally. After months of prodding (Mike claims it's around 18 months, I think it's been about three) Blueshirt Banter is officially starting a weekly podcast called Bantering The Blueshirts. Mike and I did a test episode live on Tuesday that no one listened to because we scheduled it during the Rangers game. If you so chose, you can listen to the Pilot espisode at: Don't make fun of us.

Here's the specs as we know them:

- All shows will run on Tuesday's unless otherwise noted. Right now Tuesdays work best so that we don't intersect with Rangers games. Any week (there are three left) where a game does fall on a Tuesday we might move it. This might change, but as of right now it's going to be every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

- All shows will be hosted live on Blog Talk Radio. We're not sure when we're going to start taking callers, but the first few shows will be without them so we can figure this stuff out.

- All shows will auto-upload to Itunes after they're finished if you can't catch it live.

- Right now shows are going to be between 45 minutes to an hour. Any time we run over the limit I set (say a 45-minute show runs an hour) the final 15 minutes won't be heard live but you'll have to download it after.

- Mike and I are co-hosting, although the rest of the Banter will be joining every week and we do want this to be guest oriented.

- Ignore the description on the scheduled Tuesday show, I need to update it as we go.

It's a little fluid, but it's about time we did this. This Tuesday is going to be the first official show, and I'm excited to see what it brings.

P.S: Mike designed the awesome logo and his brother gave us the awesome opening (which didn't air in the Pilot).

Add another realm to the empire ...