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Rink Around the Rosies Podcast: Episode 7

Mike and Connor are back and they continue their tangential ramblings.

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Episode 7 is here! No, not Star Wars. That already happened. Click here to listen and download for free!

Rink Around the Rosies is back with a new episode. The podcast empire of Blueshirt Banter has grown since the last time we recorded, so now this website is a one-stop shop for Rangers and Riveters audio news! Fancy us.

This week's show features praise for Nana Fujimoto and Bray Ketchum, concerns about zone exits and entries, and obnoxious tangents about colors, fish, and bugs. Somewhere in that chaos there is intelligent hockey dialogue, we assure you.


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Thanks for listening! If you would like to contact us for comments or questions to answer on the show, reach out to @RinkRosies on Twitter or send an email to Also, follow Mike and Connor on Twitter for your Rangers and Riveters updates.