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Ryan McDonagh Confirmed To Have A Concussion

Ryan McDonagh has a concussion.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, this isn't good. In a worst-case scinario the New York Rangers have announced Ryan McDonagh is out with a concussion.

Wayne Simmonds, by the way, was not at all punished by the league for the sucker-punch that knocked McDonagh out of the game on Saturday.

A concussion -- you don't need me to tell you -- is something that can't really be pinpointed in terms of recovery time. Some players come back in a week and others (most notably Michael Sauer) don't return at all. Obviously those are the two dramatic ends of the spectrum in this case, but the Rangers just lost one of their best defenseman for an unknown period of time due to a cheap shot.

I speculated a little this morning on what I think the pairings might look like if (and now when) McDonagh is out. You can take a look at that here.