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Join Us On Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

There will be a Bantering The Blueshirts tonight! Yay!

Have you ever thought to yourself "my God I wish I could listen to a Rangers podcast every Tuesday night?"

Well guess what? You're in luck! Mike and I will be taking the airwaves again on to give all of you the very best there is to offer when it comes to a weekly New York Rangers podcast!

We're going to run through the Rangers' absurd luck when it comes to PDO, the weekend from Hell, the West Coast trip upcoming and more! We might be taking callers as well, and I think I fixed the issue that dropped Mike from the show last week -- a big thanks again to Danz10 for stepping in last week.

So come one and all to listen to the podcast tonight at 8!

Also, please subscribe to us on Itunes and leave us a nice rating. It will make me happy and if you do it Mike will sing you a sweet song.