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Rink Around the Rosies- Episode 10: Chicken Tenders with Guest Beth Machlan

We hit the double digit mark in podcasts... this probably comes with a cool coupon book or a badass McDonald's toy from 1998 or something. There's got to be something for making it ten episodes, right? Guys?

Yes, this is Kiira Dosdall and Janine Weber buying meat at a grocery store.
Yes, this is Kiira Dosdall and Janine Weber buying meat at a grocery store.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We tried something a little bit different this week out of necessity. Connor wasn't available to record because he was preoccupied with sliding a whetstone over the edge of his machete in the basement during his "meditation time", so I decided to call Blueshirt Banter's own Beth Machlan to talk Riveters, the NWHL regular season wrapping up, and the Isobel Cup Playoffs!

It's EPISODE TEN! Chicken tenders for all.

If the editing or audio quality isn't up to par that is because I had to do it this week and I was exceptionally nervous while hearing the constant hiss of a Belgian coticule working against the metal crest of a machete through the basement door. I'm pretty sure there was classical music playing too. The house smelled funny for a few hours. Dunno what that was all about... Also, I've never done any sound editing of any kind before. Connor walked me through it at one point, but I honestly just phased out and thought about how much I want to play Perfect Dark on N64.

Anyways, the Riveters regular season is now done and the first round of the NWHL playoffs and the hunt for the Isobel Cup begins on Friday night. New York will be on the road throughout their series against the regular season champion Boston Pride in Beverly, Massachusetts at the Raymond Bourque Arena. You can get tickets to the games by clicking THIS LINK.

The injury to Morgan Fritz-Ward is a serious concern for a Riveters team that is already considered to be an underdog, but the return of emotional leader Taylor Holze seems to be approaching. Which players end up on the ice on Friday night remains to be seen, but one thing is certain- the real season starts now. Nothing about the regular season matters once the "20:00" that's on the clock at Raymond Bourque Arena ticks down to "19:59".

It's time for the New York Riveters to polish their game, pull it together, and go win some hockey games and make a run at being the first team to ever lift the Isobel Cup.

Thanks for listening and please help us spread the word about the podcast!

Let's go Riveters.