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The All Positive Podcast Tonight At 8!

Bantering the Blueshirts returns with a twist!

Here is how 99.9999% of my conversations with Mike go:

Mike: *comes up with ten brilliant ideas*

Me: *confused* Uh, what?

Mike: *repeats the brilliant ideas*

Me: *picks one at random* yes?

Mike: *slams his head onto the desk*

The one idea I heard this week was an ALL POSITIVE PODCAST!! Mike is right, the podcast has been too doom and gloom of late, so we're going to brighten it up. Call in and tell us positive things about the Rangers. Seriously, no negativity allowed. If you call in with something negative I will hang up on you.

Mike and I will run through the players we're happiest with this year, the things that are working, the things that have to keep working and anything that makes us happy about the New York Rangers. It's going to be as awesome as a podcast gets.

Listen live at: tonight at 8p.m.