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One Of Oscar Lindberg Or Kevin Hayes Will Sit Tonight (Neither Know Which)

It's fun to not know if you're playing or not until warmups!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let's continue spinning the wheel of Alain Vigneault's questionable decisions, shall we. Although I will say, this one is newish and different.

Tanner Glass is definitely in tonight. After Vigneault branded the fourth line with nothing but positives he's essentially cemented that group won't be changing any time soon. The insanity of that aside -- longer story coming alert!! -- the player who is going to sit doesn't know about it yet:

This is a really interesting strategy. Based off practice yesterday Hayes was the extra skater, and since Linbderg has been sitting the logic dictates it will be Hayes that sits. Well, not the logic on the ice, but the logic figuring out what it is goes on in Vigneault's mind.