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There Is A Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8 P.M. (Sorry)

Make sure to tune into Bantering The Blueshirts tonight!

I can already hear your shrieks of anger from here. I apologize.

Mike and I originally picked Tuesday night to do these weekly podcasts because Tuesday is the day where there is the least amount of Rangers games to conflict with the show. We did one show during the Rangers game and no one listened live which made me sad. Mike and I agreed that in the future we would move the podcast back a day or two the next time it happened.

Except we can't do that this week because come tomorrow night I'm going to Seattle for my Grandma's 90th birthday. I come back next Monday (just in time for our next show!) so I won't be able to push it back.

So turn us on during the game to listen to us in the background (we will be taking callers, I think) or just listen tomorrow. No big deal either way, but I did want to apologize for having it on during the game. It's not ideal, but I'm not in the business of just skipping weeks for the podcast, either. The next time around -- assuming there's no conflicts -- we'll adjust it scheduling on those days.

As always, here's a plea to pleas subscribe to us on Itunes, leave nice ratings and comments. It helps a lot and we will love you forever for it!

See you at 8!