Keith Yandle clearly feels a lot of pride in being a Ranger


But suddenly I was walking out of the tunnel at MSG for the first time as a Ranger. And I was so happy. During the renovation, the Garden added this glass tunnel that players walk through before getting to the ice. Fans can push right up against the glass and watch you going out for battle. I remember hearing some of the fans shouting my name, and I turned and saw some little kids in Rangers jerseys banging on the glass. I was so pumped up.

That was when I first realized that, for New Yorkers, Rangers hockey is more than just a fun evening. When kids are born into Rangers families, their first outfit is usually a Blueshirt onesie. I’ve never seen anything like the generational Rangers fandom, and that’s saying a lot coming from a guy who grew up in Boston.

Keith Yandle, via the Players' Tribune

That's just one snippet of what's essentially a massive love letter to New York. Imagine going from Arizona to the Rangers - because evidently, the shift was so intense Yandle couldn't help but fall in love instantly.

The story of his helicopter ride in is particularly awesome; what other organization can do that?

Yandle's gotta stay. He's just gotta - this is clearly where he was meant to play.