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Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8: Featuring Jimmy Rixner From Pensburgh

Bantering The Blueshirts tonight at 8! Don't forget!

Bantering The Blueshirts is back to it's regularly scheduled time tonight at 8 p.m! You can listen/join the chat/enjoy things live at the below link:

Tonight Mike and I will be talking about the Rangers upcoming matchup with the Penguins, go through the injuries and health issues for both teams and talk extensively about the Dan Girardi/Marc Staal pairing that's probably going to be matched up against Sidney Crosby (not a joke).

Also, at 8:20 Jimmy Rixner (managing editor at Pensburgh -- the SB Nation representation of the Pittsburgh Penguins) will be joining us to talk about things from the Penguins' side of the fence. Don't you want to know what they think about Carl Hagelin and such? No? Listen anyway because you love us!

All that and more tonight. We probably won't be taking callers -- we 100% will not be taking callers while Jimmy is on -- so if we do we'll do it in the first 20 minutes, but probably not.

Enjoy the show tonight, guys. Lot's of stuff to talk about!