'Don't even look at Hank on game day'


Outside of Scott Stevens, Hank is the fiercest competitor I’ve ever played with. He’s so dialled in. I mean, there are a lot of goalies in the league who you just don’t talk to on game day. But when I got to New York, it was a different level. I remember them telling me, "Don’t even look at Hank on game day. Literally, don’t. He’s locked in. Leave him be."

Mike Rupp, via The Players' Tribune, on Henrik Lundqvist

When Rupp joined the Rangers, he got to see the inner-workings of one of the best goalies in the world up close. And Lundqvist is a whole other level of intense.

He calls him the "x-factor" for this playoff series, and considering how Rupp played on both the Rangers and Penguins, he probably knows. If anyone can will a team to anything, it's probably Lundqvist.