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Report: No Damage To Henrik Lundqvist's Eyesight, No Update On His Status

Henrik Lindqvist's scary eye injury last night didn't do any permanent damage accord to a report.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Some good news surfaced after the Rangers lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins Wednesday night in Game One of the First Round playoffs.

Henrik Lundqvist, who accidentally took Marc Staal's stick through his mask and into his right eye, could not finish the game but reportedly did not take any permanent damage from the incident per this tweet:

Rough translation from Blueshirt Banter's foreign correspondent Alex Nunn: "Joel Lundqvist talked to Hank via text. No danger to his eyesight but does not know if he will be able to play."

First off, deep sign of relief that there's no permanent damage to his eye if this report is true. As always in situations like this, his life outside of hockey is the more important update. I think you can take this report to heart, as Lundqvist's own twin would know whether or not there's any long-term concern.

Eye injuries can be difficult to pin down, so while it's a good sign that Lundqvist doesn't have any permanent damage it wouldn't surprise me to see him miss some time with this.

We'll update as the situation develops.